Blog: 3 Easy Tips for Saving Money

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We all know that saving money is easier said than done, but the right tips and tricks can simplify the process. We’ve put together 3 easy strategies that you can start using right now to kickstart your savings and help you feel better about your finances.

Review Your Subscriptions and Bills

How many companies or services are you subscribed to (i.e. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, etc.)? When was the last time you reviewed your monthly internet or phone bill?

These types of automatic and repeated payments can add up fast so it’s important to keep track and make sure you’re only paying for what you regularly use. Upon review, you may find that you’re paying for a subscription service you haven’t used in 6 months, or your monthly internet bill went up in price without your knowledge. Take stock of all the subscription and bill charges on your accounts, decide if you can unsubscribe or negotiate price on any, and cut down on your monthly automatic spending.

Use Apps or Browser Plugins

There are tons of free apps and plugins out there that want to help you save money. Budgeting apps, such as Mint or PocketGuard, help you track your spending, categorize expenses, and show you where you may need to cut back or reprioritize spending.

Couponing apps, such as Groupon, are also a good resource to use before shopping. You never know what kind of deal might be available, even on everyday items. You can also install a free browser plugin, such as Honey, which automatically searches for the best discount code for you while you’re checking out during online shopping.

There are also services that help you identify opportunities for subscription/bill negotiation, such as Trim, or compare and contrast things like insurance prices for you, so you know you’re getting the best price.

These kinds of apps or services do the work for you, but you get to reap the rewards.

Make Savings Automatic

Saving money can feel easier when it’s something that automatically happens every week, month, etc. What amount of money can you set aside without missing it? Even if this amount is $5 per week, that will add up over time! Find out how to set up automatic savings deposits from your bank account and your money will start to grow without you giving it a second thought.

We hope you found something helpful in this blog post that will inspire you to review your money saving strategies. Good luck!


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