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Being part of a research community like Maru Voice Canada is different from taking one-off surveys because it involves developing a relationship over time. You tell us some information about yourself when you first sign up and we get to know you better as you take our profiling surveys.


How it Works

The details you share with us make up your member profile, which is built in a few different ways:

  • Profiling Questionnaire – The basic demographic questions we ask when you sign up to the community.
  • Mosaic – Weekly short surveys that include questions on more specific topics to learn more about your behaviours, habits, and views.
  • Themed Screeners – Surveys, each sent out annually, that ask specific questions on the following topics:
    • Travel, transport, technology & telecommunications
    • Media & entertainment
    • Work life and education
    • Finance & insurance
    • Health, identity & leisure
    • Retail & shopping


What Information is Collected?

The most important demographics are those that help us ensure our research results are accurate and valid, such as age, sex, income, location, ethnicity, and more. But we are interested in many different aspects of your life!

Note that although these details about you are collected individually, we only view and use them in combination with responses we’ve received from all other members. All of your personal information and survey responses remain strictly confidential and your privacy is guaranteed.


Why it’s Important

The profiling questions we ask assures that we have members from all backgrounds in Maru Voice Canada so we can provide reliable and accurate research results to the organizations we work with; results that paint a representative picture of Canadians as a whole.

Another important benefit is that profiling allows us to bring you a wider range of survey topics that you’ll find relevant and interesting (hopefully!). For example, if we know there are a lot of dog owners in our community, we can then field a survey targeting those dog owners.

Some profiling details can change over time, such as income, family status, location, etc. Keep an eye out for opportunities to update your member profile. You can also update some of your core demographics at any time by logging in to the Member Portal and clicking the Update Profile button.


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