Maru Voice Canada Fiat Contest
Secondary Prize Winners

$100 x 25 winners
Barry M., BC
"I enjoy feeling my opinion is being heard."
Brian., BC
"Half of it on wine, women and song. The rest I'll just blow."
Jan B., MB
"Fishing tackle."
Mark S., ON
"I enjoy the opportunity to voice my opinion"
Martin F. QC

"My experience on Maru Voice is really great so far. I plan to gift myself with a little extra with that prize. Thank you !"
Arnold S., NS
"I have had a great time since you morphed into Maru Voice. I have not won a prize before and I have been a panelist for about 5 years now."
Vicki W., BC
"Feels good to have my opinion heard - and I don't know what I'll do with my prize - never won anything before!"
Amanda P., NL
"I plan to spend my prize on summer clothes for my children. Thank you! Being on the panel is great!"
Adrian L., ON
"The completion of the surveys are interesting - to see what issues are current and what folks are looking at at the time. Once the prize is received will have to look at what is available and that fits our real needs at that time."
Kimberley M., ON

"I love providing my opinion and very grateful for the prize, thank you."
Hilary N., BC
"I have been completing polls here for many years and have always felt that it's important to lend my voice to issues both large and small that effect Canadians across this country."
Peter B., ON
"I enjoy the surveys, especially the variety of topics I'm asked to comment upon. I'm plan to buy 3D bluerays with my Amazon card!"
Doreen W., SK
"I love doing your surveys. My prize was 100.00 gift card to Amazon and I am not sure yet what I will be buying (maybe an accessory for my camera). Thank you so much for the gift."
Camille V., ON
"I really enjoy taking the surveys. I also enjoy giving my input. I will be purchasing something with my prize."
Vivian P., BC

"We'll probably eat out."
Julia M., ON
"I enjoy responding to the surveys on the interesting, diverse topics. I plan to buy gifts for my family with my prize."
Jacquelyn L., NL
"I really enjoy taking part in the surveys, and the topics . Will purchase something for my grandchildren to enjoy"
Raymond D., ON

"I enjoy these surveys. Not certain yet what to do with the prize."
Jean-Marc G., AB
"Our Blind date anniversary of 47 years came up on May 21 2018. Wanted to take her out and I came down with the flu. That's what I'll do with the money, take her to a fancy restaurant."
Andrew B., BC
"I particularly enjoy providing input on issues of a social or political nature and the panel sometimes gives me the opportunity to do so. I have no specific plans for how to use the prize."
Louis P., ON
"Wow, what a thrill ! I really enjoy Your surveys AND I win a special treat of one hundred buckaroos. Very Happy Canada Day Maru Folks. Merci, Thank-You Efharisto (Greek: Thank-You) Louis P."
Joanne-Lee E., QC
"I am enjoying the new look and feel since the name change of the group."
Melissa T., AB

"I enjoy the surveys and hope to buy something nice for my family"
No Winner.
No Winner.


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